Is your house having termites infestation? Because if it is, you should do something immediately to get rid of termites before your house get totally eaten by these pests. FYI, these pests can cause your house so much trouble that if not taking care of you might even find yourself having a major renovation or worst building a new house.

So how can you get rid of termites?

There are so many ways that can help you get rid of termite infestation but the question is, it is safe to your health and to your pets if any.

The best method to get rid of termites is still by using natural means like salt, natural acids sodas, etc. If you want to use chemicals, choose the once that toxic to termites and not to your family. Doing research and reading reviews are the best way in finding truthful insights about a certain products.

If you want to completely get rid of termite and avoid them from coming back, you first need to understand there nature. Termite source of food is wood. The problem is you can’t take away wood in your house as it is the main material used in building a house. The next thing to know is what kind of termites do you have.

Types of Termites

Drywood Termites- This kind of specie lives in wood

Flying Termites- This is commonly seen that prompt a call for exterminator. Flying termite caste is used for building new nest and reproducing.

The other two is called Subterranean and Formosan Termites. The former is seen throughtout United States and the latter comes from Asia and found in U.S as well. It is considered as the most damging termite specie.

Get rid of termites completely

Liquid Termite Treatment –Used of pesticide called termiticide sprayed in the house or around the house to repel,act as barrier from termites protecting your house. It also killed termite that comes in contact with it.

Borate Termite Treatment – This is very effective termite protection but if only the house is in construction stage. Borat treatment is applied directly in wood like paint. I f the house is already infected this treatment is not that effective.

Termite Baits – A systematic way of gradually killing termites colony by placing pesticide baits around your house.

Fumigation – Work in killing drywood termite.

Once the these pests are killed, the next thing to do is prevention if you don’t want termites to infest you again. Always think that prevention is way better than cure, saves your money, time and most of all your precious home.

Always read and follow directions in using any pesticide for safe use.

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