Small but terrible, this may be the best way to describe our social insects ants. Small and tender they may be, ants may bite hard and may cause irritation on the skin.

The subject of how to get rid of ants is a tough one. The reason is that once the ants established themselves in your home you need extra effort to get rid the ants. How to eliminate them varies with the species you are trying to eliminate. It's not a question of how to get rid these small insects but what kind of ants do you have?

Due to the great number of ant species, it is difficult to figure out what exactly you're dealing with. You may be able to narrow it down depending on your location because precise species of ants are more prevalent in certain areas. On some cases on how to get rid of ants you will not need expensive chemical based repellant. You will be surprised that what you need to beat them is in your home.

To get rid of Pavement ants the used of sugar baits laced with borax (boric acid) will do the trick. These kind of specie is dark brown to blackish in color and will eat anything so they are easy to deal with. When you see small mounds in your area chances are you have pavement ants. They are the ones that make homes in sands near the pavements, driveways, and in the sides of your house.

To get rid of Pharaoh Ants you can used the same bait used in Pavement Ants. This ant is yellow brown in color and very small in size and may be difficult to get rid of because it is tough specie. Pharaoh ant is blamed in transmitting Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas both dangerous bacteria. Sweet baits placed in the right placed such as near trails make it an effective form of control.

To get rid of ant in your home,simple precautionary measures would help a lot. Try to clean your house regularly especially tables and countertops. If they don’t find food then they will look somewhere else and eventually evacuate your house.

You can also use salt. Put a dash in your window and under doors. Ants have specific scent that they don’t like such as the smell of black pepper, vinegar, cinnamon, and peppermint oil. Since they eat anything why not give them cornmeal. It is not harmful for humans and pets but harmful for these pest if they eat it. The cornmeal swells in the ants’ digestive system after the ants drink water causing them to die.

Ants are not really dangerous creator but once they established their nest in your house it could be great problem for you. The next thing you know is your surrounded by a colony of these insects. Some says it could be a cause of health problems since they walk in the corner of your house carrying bacteria to your food or whatever things they walked on. So be careful with these small insects they can be very deceiving.