Do you have a good night sleep lately? Or you wake up in the middle of the night with itchy marks in your body? If so you, the possibility that the culprits are known as bed bugs. These insects are wingless and look a lot like ticks that can survive for a year without a host to feed on so getting rid or kill bed bugs is not an easy task. They can easily hide and difficult to find since they are small.

How to get rid of bed bugs depends on the severity the infestation you have. Either you hire a professional exterminator to get rid of bed bugs or do it yourself. If you choose to kill these bastards yourself, persistence and patience is needed. Clean the entire infected room including all the stuff in it such as furniture and place it under the sun. High temperature would kill the eggs and adult bed bugs. If possible to change your mattress have a new one. Wash everything that is washable in hot water. Do a vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning would help a lot. 

It is best if you would have the professional help after you done all the things mentioned earlier if you want fast way to get rid of bed bugs. But make sure that your bug exterminator is reliable and can do the job. Ask anyone you know if they know a bed bug killer or make a researched about companies dealing with these problem. If you have a company in mind, inquire them about their procedure and what they will be using to kill bed bugs. Don’t go for a company if they use bug foggers or bug bombs as bed bugs need to be in direct contact with pesticides to be killed.

Bed bugs does not only leaves painful mark on your body but on your pocket too so make sure to do your house chores regularly to keep them from coming back.